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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Things On The Stairs

Date: 2012-01-24
Country: United States
State: North Carolina

My aunt got a new house about a month or so ago, and I went to spend the night. She has three kids, all of which I am very close with. Well, I was passing the stairway to the kitchen (That's the layout of the house, they made the stairway like part of the wall to the kitchen), and as I pass by I think I see her middle oldest. So, me being me, I decided to say something smart to him, but as I am about to say it, I look on fully at the stairway, and there is no one there.

I now know that there was no way he could have been there, but moved, because after that, I continued on my way to the kitchen to find him and her youngest in the kitchen. I thought to shake it off as her oldest, but he hadn't yet woken up, and you would have been able tell if it was him because he has sort of an afro kind of hairystyle. We were the only three things in the house at the time, and it scared the crap out of me.

Later that day, I was going up the stairs, and I thought that one of them was following me up the stairway, I could hear someone coming up the stairs, and I turn, and nobody is there. I have only been one other time, and nothing happened, and I know I'm not seeing things, and it wasn't a lack of sleep. Her house just has that feel to it, like you expect something to jump out at you or when you turn the corner to see someting staring back at you. I don't know what it could have been, but I would like to know, and when it felt like someone was going up the stairs, it couldn't have been the stairs settling, I know what that sounds like, it sounded like the thump of someone going up the carpeted stairs, and the reason I tell you that they're carpeted is because the sound of someone going up them have a very distinct thump.

As I write this I remember something else that happened. I was sitting on the bottom of the stairs, and I hear growling, like a very low, but very clear growling noise. It wasn't anything that was going on at the top or bottom of the stairs, nobody was playing any video games, or anything like that. I know this because the oldest is the one who plays video games, and they don't have dogs inside, and nothing was going on downstairs, and I know what tv they were watching downstairs, and it didn't have growling, and I know what that sounds like, and it sounded like it was right in my ear, and I bolted into the living room.

Nothing else has happened, but I'm a little hesitant to go back there again.

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