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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Picklebean Hollow

Date: 2012-01-24
Country: United States
State: Kentucky

Back where I used to live, there was a hollow named "Picklebean Hollow". It was named after my Great Great Grandpa named Francis Hatfield (AKA Picklebean) who was very well liked and respected.

Now this story dosen't have really anything to do with Francis but with the hollow instead. I'm told a long time ago, before the hollow had a name, people called it "Cannibal Hollow" and it was rightfully named.

Forgive the history lesson, I'll get on with my encounter in a few moments. But, back in the 1800's, I am told that a family of cannibals lived up that hollow and after murdering and eating one of the locals' sons, the people living in that area had enough and slaughtered the whole family. The sheriff kept quiet about it because there was no trial and he was the one that allowed the killing of the family.

Now onto what I saw one night.

I was visiting my grandparents and they live right outside of "Picklebean Hollow". The previous day I was with my grandpa who was talking to one of my his friends who lives on "Picklebean Hollow" and he kept saying how he kept seeing someone outside his window last night. My grandpa said that maybe it was the ghost of one of the cannibals (In a sarcastic way) His friend's face went pale and he told him not to joke about such things. People from Pike County can be a little... Different.

Anyway, that night I couldn't sleep so I went outside and sat on the swing in the front yard. I must say, it is very relaxing in Pike County. I just looked up in the sky and was amazed by how many stars I saw. Then, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. The movement came from "Picklebean Hollow". I squinted my eyes and saw that it was a dark figure standing under the only street lamp on the road. The figure looked right at me and started coming towards me. I was about to get up and run, when the figure stopped. He stopped right where Picklebean Hollow ends. It was as if a invisible barrier would not let him through. The figure just paced back and forth, breathing heavily. I stood, frozen in my place. After a few moments, the figure vanished.

This really freaks me out! Even more so than my previous story I posted about the "Ceiling That Dripped Blood"! I wonder if the ghost couldn't leave "Picklebean Hollow" since that is where it was killed? Or maybe there is some other explanation...

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