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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Multiple Experiences

Date: 2012-01-25
Country: United States
State: Michigan

Being that its hard to find a chance on here to submit my stories, I'm going to do a few of my biggest encounters, I had an old account on here and one of my stories was 'Hockey Boy' if your interested about reading it.

Just last year I got up to get ready for school, normal, and I went downstairs to get some breakfast, I wasn't tired at all, I woke up about 20 minuets before my alarm clock and I was in a pretty good mood. My front door of my house is facing North of my house and there is a little hallway between my living room and kitchen and in the middle of that hallway there is an opening to the kitchen and right next to the opening on the right side there is a fridge.

So I was standing in front of the fridge with the door open, I have the urge to look towards the door, and as I do I see a girl about 15 (according to height) with long black hair, pale white skin, a white summer dress, and bare feet. She ran from the basement (I'm guessing because I only saw her in the opening to the kitchen and I can see my front door from the fridge.) through the mini hallway and to the front door, she did not go through it or open it, she was just gone when I went to look. I told my mother about this a couple weeks ago, because it came to mind when we were watching Paranormal Witness. She told me she sees that girl peeking from the top of the stairs sometime when shes sitting on the couch nearest to the stairs. The only deaths we know about here was a Paper Boy and two Brothers, but none of them in this townhouse.

At my old house in third grade (this may seem stupid, or like it was my overactive imagination, but I never really imagined things I could actually see.) I woke up and had to use the bathroom like every morning, I wasn't expecting anything to happen, I always left the door open, in case of the door closing by itself because doors always did that in that house. So I'm looking over at my toy room (Guest room, but no one else lived there at the time and that's were the computer and toys were) and then I see this creature walking or, hovering out of my room. I was just sitting there staring at it, making memory of it so I could tell my mom. It had blue skin and a long red dress, long yellow finger nails and a hunch, no eyes, mouth, nose, or anything just a flat blue surface for the face, it had tiny strands of black hair and it stood there for a moment and then "hovered" into the hallway.

In fourth grade I wasn't aware of the stories people passed on about a girl dying in the air vents. I took the pass to get into the girls bathroom and sat in the first stall, for some reason nobody ever went in that stall, so I decided to, wondering why people were so afraid of it. I felt the need to look up at the air vent above the stall and I saw a child's head hanging out upside down from it, she had wet (I'm guessing bloody) black hair, and cut up skin which looked dehydrated. It looked like a 3 month old corpse, being only ten I ran out of the stall almost not pulling up my pants. Month's later my friend Hailey showed me a video of her outside of the school at 3 in the morning, the tape showed the girls bathroom lights on and someone walking around in there, I just thought it was the janitor, but had second thoughts. Why would the janitor be cleaning a elementary school bathroom at 3 am?

A couple days ago me and my friend Emma got bored and decided to try and talk to the spirits in my house, so we did. We sat there asking multiple questions and we actually heard an answer in a male voice, "I'm alive," it said, Emma and I laughed. "If you were alive you would actually talk to us!" She said back to it and it didn't say anything else.

Four weeks ago I went to go to bed and I turned off all of my lights, my cat Jake was at the end of my bed and I crawled in looking around (I have sensitive eyes, so I can see in the dark) I go to close my eyes and I hear my name whispered. I opened my eyes and saw a dark black shadow figure standing by my TV (Which was off) and it didn't move. Instead of being brave and telling it to leave, I panicked and jumped off my bed and threw on the light's. I kept my TV on that night.

Thanks for reading and sorry it's long, I just never get a chance to write my experiences on here due to a lot of stories.

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