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Friday, 13 January 2012

The Day That Changed My Life

This all happened on the 20th of march 1999, I was only 14 at the time and it was a bright spring morning, all the time I had lived in my house I had seen and heard some strange things. When I was 4 I had just moved into the house and as soon as we entered the house I was apparently crying uncontrollably all day. I also remember a time when I was 7, I got up at about 11:00pm to get a drink and I saw a man in the kitchen. I remember him being very old, about 60, he also was dripping water, he looked cold and was naked. I was so scared I could not move or speak. He just stood there looking at me. Finally I just turned around and ran. I told my mother and she said I was dreaming which I believed for a while, until I saw him again. This time he was standing in the garden, again he was just staring. I thought that I was just dreaming every time.

Everything stopped after that until I was 14. I woke up and got changed, my mother had left for work and I was on my own. It was a very hot day outside but for some reason the house was freezing cold, I was actually shivering. Then for the third time in my life I saw him. He was standing in the front room as I walked in. I was frozen to the spot, I just stared at him and he stared back. His eye looked into my eye and he began to walk away. I just stood there, dead quiet, watching. He moved into the kitchen and he was out of sight. After a while I moved a few steps and peered round the corner of the kitchen.

He had gone. After this event I had to go see a therapist for about 5 months. Ever since this happened I have been hearing strange noises at night. Creaking of the floor boards, breathing and just strange noises when I walk around the house. I still have nightmares about the man and I don't think the therapy has helped, if you have any comments or suggestions that could help me please do say.

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